Troops training in Germany

DEFENCE DAILY: Withdrawal Of Troops From Germany Could Be Halted And "When Not If" For Major UK Cyber-Attack

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Troops training in Germany

Withdrawal Of Troops From Germany Could Be Halted Says Army Chief

The head of the Army has suggested that withdrawal from Germany could be halted so that troops can maintain quick access with Eastern Europe in the event of Russian hostilities.

General Sir Nick Carter said that the threat from Russia meant that military chiefs were considering retaining bases that troops are set to withdraw from by 2020.

He made the announcement in a speech delivered at the Royal United Services Institute.

Michael Fallon Calls For Additional Defence Spending

Former Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has called on the Government to spend more on Britain's armed forces.

In his first speech since resigning from Cabinet, he made the case for £1 billion to be injected into Ministry of Defence accounts this year.

He said increasing GDP spending on defence to 2.5% would give the military an extra £7.7 billion annually.

“When Not If” For Major UK Cyber-Attack

The head of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has said that it’s a matter of “when not if” for a major cyber-attack on the UK.

Ciaran Martin said that such an attack could cause “devastating” disruption to British infrastructure and critical elections.

He went on to say the UK is lucky to have avoided such an attack so far, as other parts of Europe such as France have already fallen victim to cyber-attacks on this scale.