Poland deployment

Reaffirming Commitment To Europe

The UK has reaffirmed its commitment to the defence of Europe, as ministers met with their Polish counterparts in London.

The Defence Secretary announced a new bilateral treaty with Poland, which will make it easier to collaborate on defence.

The UK currently has hundreds of troops in Eastern Europe helping to strengthen NATO's eastern flank, including 150 stationed in Poland, supporting a US-led battlegroup.

Sir Michael Fallon said: “We were allies with Poland in the past, we are allies today and we will be allies always.”


Civilian Awarded George Cross 

A retired Major who repeatedly risked his life to save around 200 people caught up in a terrorist attack will be awarded the UK's highest civilian honour for bravery by the Queen.

Dominic Troulan, who served for two decades in the Special Forces, returned a dozen times to the scene of the attack at a Kenyan shopping mall, to search for shoppers and lead them to safety.

Al-Shabab extremists stormed the mall in Nairobi in 2013 killing 67 people.

Major Troulan will be presented with the George Cross and will become its first civilian recipient in more than 40 years.


Family Kidnapped In Afghanistan Released

A family kidnapped while backpacking in Afghanistan have been freed after being held hostage for five years.

American Caitlin Coleman and her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle had three children while in captivity.

They were taken by a group linked to the Taliban, and have been rescued by Pakistani troops following a tip-off.