Theresea May

DEFENCE DAILY: PM Urges NATO Defence Spending Increase And Thai Navy Divers Prepare To Rescue Boys

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Theresea May

Theresa May, speaking earlier this year at the Conservative Party’s Spring Forum (Pictures: PA).

Theresa May Urges NATO To Increase Defence Spending

Theresa May has told Parliament she urged NATO members at the EU council meeting last week to increase their defence spending.

Speaking in the Commons, the Prime Minister said too few are meeting the commitment to spend two percent of GDP.

Theresa May also told MPs she'll be working with other countries on security and defence after Brexit.


The Army's Stay Is Extended As They Continue To Assist On Saddleworth Moor

Soldiers helping firefighters battle a wildfire on Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester have been asked to stay until at least Friday. 

Around 100 soldiers from the Royal Regiment of Scotland, who were scrambled to help out last week, have had their initial 48-hour deployment extended as the fires continue to burn. 

Across the region to the north west of Manchester, near Bolton, another massive tract of open land on Winter Hill is now ablaze.


Rescue Of 12 Missing Boys 'Not Over' As Thai Navy Divers Find A Way To Bring Them Home

Rescuers have found all 12 boys and their football coach alive and stable inside a cave in northern Thailand more than a week after they disappeared.

However, rescuers still face the challenge of safely helping the boys and their coach to safety through nearly a mile of tunnels, large portions of which are underwater.

Thai authorities have said that the military will make the final decision on how the group are rescued, with one option being to coach them how to swim through the passages using scuba equipment.