South Korea Leader Guarantees No War With North

The South Korean president Moon Jae-in has said he can guarantee there will be no war on the Korean peninsula.

Speaking at a news conference to mark his first 100 days in office, Mr Moon said recent comments by President Trump regarding military options showed the strong determination of the United States to press North Korea not to continue with its threats.

He added:

"The people worked together to rebuild the country from the Korean War, and we cannot lose everything again because of a war."

"I can confidently say there will not be a war again on the Korean Peninsula."

Surge In Terror Tip Offs Following This Year’s Attacks

Counter-terror agencies have registered a huge surge in tip-offs after a number of recent attacks.

Figures show that calls to a dedicated police hotline doubled in the last year to almost 23 thousand - with particular spikes after the Westminster, London Bridge, Finsbury Park and Manchester attacks.

Debris Of Crashed Army Helicopter Sighted

Search and rescue teams say they haven't given up hope of finding five crew members, missing after a US army helicopter crashed into the ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

However, rescuers have reported sighting debris that could belong to the helicopter.

Two Black Hawk crews were conducting a night-time training exercise, when they lost communication; the team who were flying the aircraft are yet to be recovered.