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DEFENCE DAILY: North Korea Threatens To Cancel US Summit And The Daring Dambusters Raids Are Remembered

A quick round up of today's defence news...

Kim Jong Un

North Korea Threatens To Cancel US Summit

North Korea cancelled a high-level meeting with South Korea and threatened to scrap the historic summit next month between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over military exercises between Seoul and Washington.

North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) called the two-week Max Thunder drills, which began Monday and reportedly include about 100 aircraft, an "intended military provocation".

KCNA said the US aircraft mobilised for the drills include nuclear-capable B-52 bombers and stealth F-22 fighter jets, two of the US military assets it has previously said are aimed at launching nuclear strikes on the North.

South Korea's Defence Ministry said the drills will go on as planned.


PM Calls For Investigation And Restraint

Prime Minister Theresa May has joined calls for an independent investigation into the violence in Gaza, after nearly 60 Palestinians were killed by Israeli troops on Monday.

The UK wants an investigation to establish if the use of gunfire by the Israelis was justified to control demonstrations about the US embassy being moved to Jerusalem.

Amid growing international condemnation, Israel insisted it had the right to defend its border against a possible mass breach and accused the militant Hamas movement of trying to carry out attacks under the cover of the protests.


Daring Dambusters Raids Commemorated 75 Years On

A series of special events will mark 75 years since a brave band of airmen took part in one of the most daring raids of the Second World War.

A flypast by a Lancaster Bomber over Derwent Dam, down the Derwent Valley and into Leicestershire is planned to be a showpiece of the Dambusters celebrations.

A series of special events will mark 75 years since a brave band of airmen took part in one of the most daring raids of the Second World War.


US Condemns Russian Bridge Building In Crimea

The United States has condemned Russia's construction and partial opening of the Kerch Straight Bridge between Russia and occupied Crimea. 

The bridge was constructed without the permission of the Government of Ukraine. 

A statement released by the US Department of State said: "Russia’s construction of the bridge serves as a reminder of Russia’s ongoing willingness to flout international law.

The bridge represents not only an attempt by Russia to solidify its unlawful seizure and its occupation of Crimea, but also impedes navigation by limiting the size of ships that can transit the Kerch Strait, the only path to reach Ukraine’s territorial waters in the Sea of Azov. We call on Russia not to impede this shipping."


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