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Near Miss For Nuclear Submarine And Last Surviving Dambuster Condemns ‘Mindless Vandalism’

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Near Miss For Nuclear Submarine

One of the Royal Navy’s nuclear-powered submarines had a near miss with a ferry travelling between Northern Ireland and Scotland on 6 November.

The Royal Navy has 10 nuclear-powered submarines, four of which carry Trident missiles, and declined to name which submarine was involved.

An investigation has been launched into the incident.

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One Of Last Surviving British Dambusters Condemns 'Mindless Vandalism'

One of Britain’s last surviving Dambusters, Squadron Leader George "Johnny" Johnson, has condemned the throwing of white paint over the Bomber Command Memorial in London's Green Park. 

Ninety-seven-year-old Mr Johnson said: "What a disgrace, such mindless vandalism”.    

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Replica of HMS Endeavour To Sail Around Australia On 250th Anniversary

A replica of HMS Endeavour, Captain Cook’s ship that found Australia, will sail around the continent on the 250th anniversary of his voyage.

Captain Cook arrived in south-east Australia in 1770, claiming the continent for the British Crown.