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DEFENCE DAILY: MOD Release Airstrike Update And Defence Secretary Calls For Airports To Buy Anti-Drone Technology

A roundup of your defence news this morning...

(Picture: MOD).

An RAF Typhoon on Operation Shader (Picture: MOD).

RAF Conduct 10 'Successful Airstrikes' In 19 Days On Daesh 

The RAF conducted 10 successful airstrikes in 19 days over the Christmas period on Daesh targets in the east of Syria, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has announced. 

A combination of Typhoon and Tornado jets, as well as Reaper drones, have been supporting Syrian Democratic Forces on the ground as Daesh's grip on the country weakens.

The MOD added that British aircraft continue to support Iraqi security forces to prevent Daesh, also known as the so-called Islamic State, from regaining a foothold within the country.   

Britain has been fighting Daesh since 2014 as part of Operation Shader, with RAF jets flying daily missions over Iraq and Syria.

Airports Must Rely On Anti-Drone Technology Not RAF, Says Defence Secretary

All UK airports must buy anti-drone equipment because the RAF should not have to step in every time the devices are flown near runways, according to Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.

Technology which can detect and deter the gadgets is a "logical thing" for airports to invest in, Mr Williamson said.

The military has been called in to the UK's two busiest airports in recent weeks after drone sightings caused flights to be grounded.

King George III Letter Signalling War Intent Auctioned

A handwritten letter, in which King George III signals his intent to go to war with France and Napoleon, has sold at auction for £11,430.

The document is dated 14 May 1803, four days before Britain formally declared war on France.

It was sold at Cheffins in Cambridge to a private collector who bid for it by telephone, with the letter fetching more than 11 times its pre-sale estimate of £500 to £1,000.