Gary Gardner

DEFENCE DAILY: Lee Rigby Fraudster To Be Sentenced Today & App Helps Syrians Avoid Airstrikes

Here's the defence news you need to know this morning...

Gary Gardner

Gary Gardner is to be sentenced today (Picture: SWNS).

Lee Rigby Fraudster To Be Sentenced Today

A thief who stole money meant for the son of murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby will be sentenced today.

Jurors unanimously convicted Gary Gardner, who had spent profits on producing a music single he knew would be a "flop".

Leicester Crown Court heard how Gardner spent up to £5,000 donated by the public for Fusilier Rigby's son, Jack Rigby, on producing a charity music single which only raised £200.

Gardner was granted bail until sentencing today.


App Helps Syrians Avoid Airstrikes

Syrians in rebel-controlled areas targeted by Russian airstrikes are being warned by an app. Observers who spot a Russian plane log the location and the plane’s trajectory into the app.

It then calculates which parts of Syria are likely to be bombed and triggers warning sirens and notifications on social media.

A full-scale attack on rebel-held Idlib by the Syrian Government, backed by Russia and Iran, is thought to be imminent.


Hurricane Florence Begins to Batter American East Coast

Hurricane Florence has hit the east coast of the United States with government officials warning that the storm is “life-threatening”.

Sustained wind speeds of 90 mph have been recorded and over 100,000 homes have been left without power.

A fifth of the US Navy was evacuated from the area earlier in the week; the fleet was taken out to the Atlantic and postured for storm avoidance.

The Royal Navy is also on standby to help British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean as they prepare for Storm Isaac.