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DEFENCE DAILY: Head Of The Air Force On Russia Threat And War Memorials Given Protection

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Air Chief Marshal Says RAF Will Combat Russian Hostility

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier has said that the RAF is at the forefront of efforts to increasing Russian hostility.

He made the comments at a lecture at the Royal Aeronautical Society ahead of the RAF centenary this Sunday.

He also branded Russia's cyber space actions as "criminal". 

Sir Stephen also used his speech to touch on armed forces spending, saying we can no longer accept that "better technology can only come at ever greater cost".

Government Agrees New Security Strategy

The government has agreed a new strategy for tackling intensifying threats to Britain's security.

The threats to be tackled are primarily those posed by Russia, terrorist organisations, and organised crime.

 A review has said that the UK should make better use of its financial, cultural and diplomatic resources as well as intelligence.

War Memorials Given Heritage Protection

Memorials dedicated to airmen in the First and Second World Wars have been given heritage protection to mark the centenary of the Royal Air Force.

Some 14 war memorials, including one to the most decorated British pilot of the First World War and one to the first pilot to shoot down a German zeppelin airship, have been newly listed or had their protected status upgraded.

Unusual aviation monuments with new listings include a memorial with a central figure of Zeus, god of thunder; a Calvary Cross with a figure of Christ crucified, and a memorial in the shape of an aircraft.