DEFENCE DAILY: F-35B First Flight Test With UK Weapons & US-South Korea Military Exercises To Remain Dormant

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F-35B Completes First Flight Test Using British-Built Weapons

The F-35B has carried out its first trials while armed with weapons built in the UK.

The aircraft was flown by a British pilot from RAF 17 Squadron and set off from Edwards Air Force base in southern California, carrying Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (ASRAAM). No weapons were released during the test flight.

It means the jet is closer to operational readiness.

UN Secretary-General Warns Of 'Humanitarian Catastrophe' In Syria's Idlib

The United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, has warned of what he called a 'humanitarian catastrophe' if the Syrian government presses ahead with plans for a military operation in Idlib. It's the last remaining rebel-held province in Syria.

He also warned President Assad not to use any chemical weapons. 

Despite the continued violence, Syrian refugees who've fled to neighbouring Lebanon are being told to go home. The UN says the situation for them is only getting worse.

Military Exercises To Remain Dormant Between US And South Korea, Says Trump

US President Donald Trump has said he sees no reason to re-start joint US-South Korean military exercises off the Korean peninsula.

It follows a statement to the contrary earlier this week by his Defence secretary James Mattis.

Such war games have long been a source of irritation to North Korea, which has branded the exercises 'provocative'.