Gavin Williamson

New Defence Secretary: British Citizens Who Fought For ISIS Should Be ‘Eliminated’

In an interview with the Daily Mail Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has said: "Quite simply, my view is a dead terrorist can’t cause any harm to Britain".

He added that not a single British citizen who has fought for Islamic State should be allowed back into the UK and he was willing to use air strikes against the 2760 UK citizens in Syrian and Iraq.

Back in October Max Hill QC, Britain’s terror watchdog sparked a row by suggesting that some young people who had travelled to Syria and Iraq should be allowed to come home and re-join society.

More than 800 UK citizens are thought to have gone to fight for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Around half of them have already returned, and around 130 have been killed, leaving an estimated 270 left.


Queen To Attend Commissioning Of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

This lunchtime the Queen will be the guest of honour at the commissioning of the UK's new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Also present will be Princess Anne, Prime Minister Theresa May and First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones.

They will all board HMS Queen Elizabeth, docked in Portsmouth, to see the Royal Navy White Ensign raised on the vessel for the first time.


The Defence Budget

The Chancellor has suggested that the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has yet to get to grips with the complexities of the defence budget.

Appearing before the Commons Treasury Committee, Philip Hammond indicated he would be sympathetic to a request for extra cash for the Armed Forces.

This comes just days after the MoD insisted the Treasury must settle an outstanding bill for Mr Hammond’s use of aircraft attached to No32 (The Royal) Squadron before he can be allowed to fly in them again.