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Defence Experts React To Government-Wide Review And British WWII Volunteer Becomes World's Oldest Man

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Defence Experts React To Government-Wide Review

Members of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) defence and security think tank have responded to the Government's largest defence review "since the end of the Cold War".

The Ministry of Defence says the integrated policy review will assess the UK's "place in the world" and dictate future changes to procurement and international relations.

Professor Malcolm Chalmers, RUSI Deputy Director-General, welcomes a foreign policy grounded in home interests - adding that international doctrines like US President Trump's “America First” could leave the UK "isolated".

Other experts called for a more strategic approach to relations with China and Russia, steering away from conflict, and for the UK to capitalise on its world-class cyber security.


'Severe' Coronavirus Threat Postpones US Training In South Korea

United States Forces Korea says the decision to postpone the combined training in South Korea "was not taken lightly", after the nation declared the Coronavirus alert level “severe”.

Combined Command post training has been put on ice, in line with South Korea's plans to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The first confirmed case of the virus within the US military recently emerged in Camp Carroll, near Daegu.

Around 28,500 US troops are stationed in South Korea as deterrence against potential aggression from North Korea.


British WWII Volunteer Becomes World's Oldest Man

A 111-year-old Briton who volunteered in the Home Guard during the Second World War has become the oldest man on the planet.

Bob Weighton has lived through both World Wars and was in America when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour.

His ability to speak Japanese won him a role in the US with the British Political Warfare Mission, deciphering enemy messages and producing wartime propaganda. 

Mr Weighton, born 29 March 1908, has lived through the reign of five monarchs and seen 26 Prime Ministers in Downing Street. The former title holder, Chitetsu Watanabe, died in Japan at the weekend.