'Dead Equal': Edinburgh Fringe Opera Charts History Of Women In Combat

It follows First World War trailblazer Flora Sandes who served on the frontline.

An opera charting the history of women in combat is being performed at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe festival.

'Dead Equal' follows World War One trailblazer Flora Sandes, who served on the frontline, and looks at how combat roles have developed to the present day.

She was the only British woman to serve as a soldier in the First World War.

The opera also looks at the unique pressures women face in frontline roles in 2019.

The cast has spoken to women serving in the Army to get a realistic picture of how the past century has shaped their roles.

Actor, dramatist and classically-trained soprano Lila Palmer said: "When women went into full combat roles, and there was this huge hullaballoo in 2016, I thought this is silly, I know a woman has already done this.

Initially serving as a nurse alongside Emily Simmonds, the pair parted ways with Flora looking to take up a combat role.

"So I'm going to go chat to the Army about that and then when we chatted to the Army about that, and the little nugget of music that we had written about it, they were like, 'do you want to come and do a show?'.

"There's needs that women think about, because of the roles they occupy.

"They're mothers, they're carers, and hopefully men will carry that burden a bit more now as society is evolving.

"But right now those needs fall more heavily on women still, and so there are certain areas that they need support because of the other roles they're occupying."