Daughter Of WW2 Pilot Takes To Skies In Father's Hurricane

Eugenie Brooks said the flight in the Second World War aircraft was "better than I could have ever expected".

The daughter of a Second World War fighter pilot has taken to the skies in an aircraft flown by her father in combat.

Eugenie Brooks took off from Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, Kent, in the Hurricane BE505 L-XP - the world's only two-seater Hawker Hurricane.

Ms Brooks' father, Pilot Officer John William Brooks, who flew with various RAF squadrons including No. 174 (Mauritius) Squadron, passed away in 1993.

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and Distinguished Flying Medal for his service.

Flying the aircraft in his memory, Ms Brooks flew over her father’s old wartime base at Manston, near Ramsgate, accompanied in the plane's cockpit by a photo of him taken 80 years earlier.

Ms Brooks told Forces News: "It was better than I could have ever expected, quite frankly. It was absolutely amazing. 

"Anna [pilot] let me fly her for most of the trip. She had to take over a couple of times because she did tend to think I was skimming quite close to the ground. 

"But it was amazing, and then to fly over Manston, or as I call it, RAF Manston, because that’s what my dad used to call it and we did about 500ft right the length of the runway and we waggled the wings as well, absolutely amazing, it was fantastic."

Ms Brooks said it was "absolutely amazing" to fly in the aircraft once flown by her father.

The Hurricane was Pilot Officer Brooks' favourite aircraft, capable of flying at 340mph and climbing up to 36,000 feet. 

Ms Brooks said she wanted to fly in the aircraft - which was vital during the Battle of Britain - to honour both her father and all those who flew defending the UK during the Second World War. 

She was also commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and Remembrance Sunday.