Daring Tales Retold By Pilots Of Bomber Command

Their daring missions helped turn the tide of WWII.

Hundreds of people have travelled to a tiny museum in West Sussex to hear first-hand about the daring missions undertaken by RAF Bomber Command during World War Two. 

Seven veterans gave their time to answer questions about their operations in the skies over Nazi Germany.   

Between them, they flew hundreds of missions over Nazi Germany during World War II.

Bomber Command’s daring missions helped turn the tide of WW2.

However, their role was controversial as the large-scale bombings killed thousands of German civilians. 

It took decades before a national memorial was built recognising the sacrifices of more than 55,000 young men who lost their lives.

Operations were highly dangerous for the pilots - each mission had a one in 20 chance of being shot down.

John Bell who was a bomb aimer said:

"We had an engine catch fire on the way to the target.

"We bombed Hamburg at 10,000 feet - we were now well below where all the bombs were raining from above."  

Thousands did not return from those bombing raids, and these men who did survive are ensuring the memory of their not so lucky comrades lives on.