Daring 83-Year-Old RAF Veteran Makes Dream Return To The Skies

Anthony Hughes' care home organised his trip down memory lane with the Tiger Moth biplane.

An 83-year-old RAF veteran who dreamed of flying in a Tiger Moth biplane again has taken to the skies in the vintage aircraft.

Anthony 'Spike' Hughes was in high spirits as the plane performed a loop-the-loop and other daring stunts over Oxford.

After spending 20 minutes in the air, Mr Hughes safely landed, smiling and waving to his family.

When asked how it went, he said: "Amazing! Better than being in a Tornado!

"I've been in one before but a long, long time ago!"

Mr Hughes' daughter, Sheryl Hall, watched on from the ground as her daring father soared through the skies.

She said: "It's just amazing.

"I'm just so thrilled that he could've done this."

Veteran Anthony Hughes completes a loop to loop 101019 CREDIT BFBS
Mr Hughes (rear) completes a loop-the-loop.

The Tiger Moth was commissioned into the RAF in 1932 and retired 27 years later in 1959.

It was used to train young airmen before they headed off to war.

Mr Hughes joined the RAF in 1951 as an apprentice at just 15-years-old.

He spent 45 years with the air force and said: "I don't regret one hour of it."

After having one dream come true, Mr Hughes said he does not have any new challenges up his sleeve.