Dame Vera Lynn with life-size cutout of herself after being named personality of the century 230300 CREDIT PA

Dame Vera Lynn's Daughter Thanks British Public For 'Tremendous Support'

Dame Vera Lynn, who was known as the 'Force's Sweetheart', passed away earlier this year aged 103.

Dame Vera Lynn with life-size cutout of herself after being named personality of the century 230300 CREDIT PA

Dame Vera Lynn's daughter has thanked the British public for its "tremendous support" since her mother's death at the age of 103.

Dame Vera, known as the 'Force's Sweetheart', entertained troops with morale-boosting visits to the front line during the Second World War, died in June.

The singer became famous for songs including 'We'll Meet Again', and was honoured with a Spitfire flypast before a private funeral service was held for her last month.

Her daughter, Virginia Lewis-Jones says the family has been touched by tributes left at the adored performer’s home in the village of Ditchling, East Sussex.

She shared the family’s hope people will continue supporting the charities Dame Vera "cared about so much".

Service personnel carry the coffin of forces sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn into the Brighton Crematorium, East Sussex
Service personnel carry Dame Vera Lynn's coffin into Brighton Crematorium, East Sussex last month (Picture: PA).

"We would like to thank everyone for their tremendous support over the past few weeks," Ms Lewis-Jones said.

"All the wonderful letters, emails, flowers, paintings, and posies left by children at the gate; we were so thankful and touched by them all.

"My mother always loved receiving messages from all over the world, and Ditchling held a special place in her heart."

Ms Lewis-Jones added: "She would have been thrilled and touched that so many people paid their respects on the day of her funeral and the worldwide media coverage was exceptional.

"It means so much to us to see my mother’s legacy living on.

"We are sure her music will endure forever but most importantly, we hope that people will continue to support those charities that she cared about so much."

Watch: The Coldstream Guards performed 'We'll Meet Again' in honour of Dame Vera Lynn's life, following her death earlier this year.

Dame Vera became an icon during the Second World War as her music helped raise the mood of the nation - spurring on millions of Britons during times of great fear and uncertainty.

Some of her most famous songs include ‘The White Cliffs Of Dover’, ‘There’ll Always Be An England’, ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’, ‘Wishing’ and ‘If Only I Had Wings’.

Arguably her best-known song, ‘We’ll Meet Again’, experienced a resurgence earlier this year when the Queen referenced it in an address to the nation about the coronavirus lockdown.

Following Dame Vera’s death, tributes flooded in from around the world, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson describing her as a "truly great Briton whose voice and charm will live on to lift the hearts of generations to come".

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