Dambuster Guy Gibson’s Medals On Display In Lincolnshire

The war hero’s medals, wings and a copy of his flying log book, amongst other rare items, have been on show to the public.

Medals awarded to Dambuster hero Guy Gibson have been on display in Lincolnshire, offering the public a rare insight into the famous World War Two mission.

Wing Commander Gibson was the Commanding Officer of 617 Squadron who carried out the daring raids over the Ruhr Valley in May 1943.

His medals, wings and a copy of his flying log book are amongst the rare items on display at The Collection Museum in Lincoln.

The collection even includes Wg Cdr Gibson's Victoria Cross which he was awarded for his leading role in Operation Chastise.

Brian Riley, from Lincolnshire County Council, said the medal represents “a very distinguished few years service”.

Damage to the Eder Dam during the Dambusters raid in 1943 (Picture: PA).

"He [Wng Cdr Gibson] insisted on continuing to serve when others would’ve been going on rest," he said.

"He even retrained as a night fighter pilot to stay operational."

Just a year after the Dambusters raid, he was killed when his plane crashed on its way back from a mission in Germany. 

Rita Sykes, who's father served in the RAF, said the experience had offered a “wonderful” insight into Wng Cdr Gibson beyond “what you see in the movies”.

Thousands of visitors have already visited the exhibit which finishes on Sunday.