'That's All Brother': Spearhead Of US D-Day Invasion Rescued From Scrapyard

The C-47 aircraft led sky transporter squadrons dropping paratroopers across Normandy 75 years ago.

The C-47 aircraft which was chosen to spearhead the US invasion on D-Day, has been rescued from a military scrapyard to fly on the 75th anniversary.

Known as "That's All Brother", it led the C-47 sky transporter squadrons dropping paratroopers over Normandy.

Colonel Tom Travis, Commemorative Air Force, said: "We did the test flight a year ago February.

"The airplane is as good as I've ever seen one."

Salvation from the scrapyard for the C-47 (Picture: US Department of Defense).

He continued: "We've been lucky enough to meet a lot of veterans, none that were on this airplane - they're all gone, but a lot of veterans World War Two."

Senior Airman Shelby Horn, 349th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs, explained the "Skytrain" was designed as a cargo plane, with twin Pratt and Whitney engines allowing it to carry up to 6,000 lbs of cargo (just more than 2,700 kg).

It was piloted by the 312 Troop Carrier Squadron, now known as the 312th Airlift Squadron.

It will now fly again for the 75th anniversary, for which a series of commemorations are taking place next month.