D-Day Veterans Parachute Into Normandy

The men in their 90s replicated the jumps made 75 years ago on D-Day.

Two D-Day veterans parachuted into Normandy on Wednesday.

Harry Read, 96, and John Hutton, 94, commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings in a unique way.

With the help of the Red Devils, the two veterans and British personnel recreated the arrival of allied forces in the region on 5 and 6 June 1944.

Red Devils tandem in the veterans 066019 CREDIT MOD.jpg
The Red Devils helped the D-Day veterans parachute into Normandy on the 75th anniversary (Picture: MOD).

John Hutton was just 19 and a member of the 13th Battalion The Parachute Regiment, part of the 6th Airborne Division when he jumped and landed over Normandy.

Harry Read was a wireless operator with the 6th Airborne Division. He parachuted out of a Dakota and landed in a flooded trench.

Troops from 16 Air Assault Brigade along with their counterparts from the French Army’s 11e Brigade parachuted on to the French beaches.

D-Day veteran John 'Jock' Hutton, 94, landing in Sannerville, France 060619 CREDIT MOD.jpg
D-Day veteran John 'Jock' Hutton landing in Sannerville, France (Picture: MOD).

Oklahoma’s World War Two Airborne Demonstration team were also representing the US contingent of airborne allied troops who took part in the Normandy landings.

Two British personnel from 16 Air Assault also have direct links back to D-day.

Colonel Andrew Jackson, the Deputy Commander of 16 Air Assault Brigade, is jumping with the medals of his wife’s great-uncle who landed in Ranville.

Warrant Officer Class One Maik Biggs' great-grandfather served in the Wehrmacht in Northern France in 1944.

Watch: Jock Hutton and Harry Read jumped in tandem with the Red Devils to mark the 75th anniversary.

Spitfire and Dakota aircraft also featured, as well as two D-Day veterans recreated the parachute jump they made in 1944 over Normandy.

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