D-Day Veterans Association Finds New Member For First Time

There were once more than 60 members of the association.

Surviving D-Day veterans in York have been marking the 74th anniversary of the D-Day Landings in Normandy.

The veterans gather together each year to remember this pivotal moment in history.

The number of York Normandy Veterans Association members only ever decreases - there was once more than 60, and now there are only three.

That was until last year when the number of members increased for the first time.

Nick Beilby, the York Normandy Veterans coordinator, found a new member Douglas through a friend:

"They introduced me to him and I found out very quickly that he had flown 31 missions and he had a Légion d'Honneur and I said ,would you like to join the York Normandy Veterans?', and he said, 'I have never heard of them but I would love to!'"

Nick then took Douglas along to a meeting to meet the other veterans.

"The greeting from our Green Howards Member Ken Cooke was, 'you b****rs bombed us more than the Germans', which was a really good start and they have been great friends ever since."

They had all agreed they would never go to Normandy again, but next year marks 75 years and they have decided there is still one more to do.