Entrance sign at RAF Akrotiri
Entrance sign at RAF Akrotiri (Picture: PA).

23 Syrians found near RAF Akrotiri after 'apparently illegally landing by boat'

Entrance sign at RAF Akrotiri
Entrance sign at RAF Akrotiri (Picture: PA).

Twenty-three people from Syria believed to be illegal migrants have been apprehended after "apparently illegally landing by boat" near RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.

British Forces Cyprus confirmed that 13 men, four women and six children were apprehended at an area close to the base.

Search teams from 84 Squadron and Sovereign Base Area authorities carried out a helicopter search of the area and found no one else.

A bases spokesperson said: "We can confirm that twenty-three individuals have been apprehended in the Western Sovereign Base Area after apparently illegally landing by boat.

"All have been provided with food and water whilst arrangements are made to transfer them to the custody of the Republic of Cyprus.

"Whilst all appear to be in good health, we have taken a variety of precautions to guard against the potential spread of COVID-19 including providing face masks and following isolation procedures."

2015 was the last time illegal migrants were discovered arriving by boat in the Sovereign Base Areas.

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