CSG21: Last warship HMS Kent arrives home

The last warship has arrived home from the Royal Navy's premier deployment of 2021, Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21).

Type 23 frigate HMS Kent arrived back home in Portsmouth on Friday, 32 weeks and almost 50,000 nautical miles after setting sail for the mission.

Her principal role, with HMS Richmond and the helicopters of 820 Naval Air Squadron, operating from the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth, was to track any potential underwater threats to the force as it passed from the Atlantic, through the Mediterranean and into the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Watch: CSG21 - HMS Kent returns to Portsmouth.

HMS Kent's participation in the Navy's most important peacetime deployment in a generation has taken her through 15 different seas and oceans in both hemispheres and to 10 ports across four continents.

She has worked with 17 other navies and taken on fuel and supplies on the move on 20 occasions as well as seeing off 13,000 sausages and more than 39,000 eggs!

The frigate added 48,525 nautical miles to her odometer during the deployment, the distance of more than twice around the world.