Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond DATE UNKNOWN DATE UPLOADED 060721 CREDIT MOD

CSG21: HMS Diamond sets sail to rejoin Strike Group after repairs

Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond DATE UNKNOWN DATE UPLOADED 060721 CREDIT MOD

One of the two Type 45 destroyers deployed with the Carrier Strike Group (CSG21) has undergone her repairs and has set sail to rejoin the group.

In July, HMS Diamond experienced some technical issues and detached from the group for "maintenance, inspection and any necessary repairs".

With her repairs complete, the Type 45 Destroyer set sail at the end of August and will pass through the Suez Canal to deliver operations in support of CSG21's deployment.

After the news broke of HMS Diamond's issues, a Defence Minister revealed that just one out of the Royal Navy's six Type 45 destroyers was operationally available, with the rest either undergoing maintenance or being fixed.

Watch: Defence Secretary on the Carrier Strike Group deployment's non-confrontational intentions. 

The warship's absence left only HMS Defender as the only Type 45 on operations with CSG21.

The UK-led Carrier Strike Group has this month taken part in joint exercises with the Republic of Korea Navy in the Indo-Pacific.

In a tweet, Commodore Steve Moorhouse, Commander UK Carrier Strike Group, thanked the Republic of Korea's Navy "for their enthusiastic support" of the deployment.

The exercises come after HMS Queen Elizabeth's planned docking in Busan, South Korea, was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions at the city's port.

Cover image: HMS Diamond (Picture: MOD).

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