CSG21: South Korean Sailors Join Strike Group For Joint Exercises

The UK-led Carrier Strike Group has taken part in joint exercises with the Republic of Korea Navy in the Indo-Pacific.

Ships deployed on the Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21) have taken part in naval exercises alongside South Korea.

The Strike Group, led by Royal Navy flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth, conducted the exercises with their South Korean counterparts while deployed in the Indo-Pacific region.

In a post on Twitter, HMS Queen Elizabeth thanked the Republic of Korea Navy.

Commodore Steve Moorhouse, Commander UK Carrier Strike Group, also thanked the Republic of Korea's Navy "for their enthusiastic support" of the Carrier Strike Group 21 deployment.

The exercises come after HMS Queen Elizabeth's planned docking in Busan, South Korea, was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions at the city's port

Cover image: UK Carrier Strike Group operating at sea with the Republic of Korea Navy (Picture: HMS Queen Elizabeth Twitter).