COVID: UK Military Medical Team Heading To Nepal

The United Kingdom will send a military medical and advisory team to Nepal to help the country deal with its coronavirus crisis.

Nepal is reporting thousands of new COVID-19 cases every day and running short of oxygen supplies to treat seriously ill patients.

Foreign Office Minister Lord Ahmad told peers the UK military support team expects to be in Nepal to offer help early next week.

It is not the first time since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 that UK Armed Forces have played an important role in fighting the virus both at home and abroad.

British military efforts in response to COVID-19 overseas fall under Operation Broadshare.

As part of the operation, personnel have helped with repatriation flights, delivery of vaccines and equipment, as well as logistical support.

RAF A400M delivers vaccines in Gibraltar
The UK Armed Forces have been supporting overseas territories and other countries during the coronavirus pandemic (Picture: MOD).

UK military personnel delivered the first consignment of COVID-19 vaccines to Gibraltar in January and within the last week, a Royal Air Force A400M transport aircraft delivered more vaccines to the Rock.

Vital medical equipment, including oxygen, medicine and PPE, has also been taken to the South Atlantic Islands on an RAF C-17 Globemaster aircraft.

The military has worked alongside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to bring home British citizens from countries such as China, Peru, Japan, Senegal, Nepal and Cuba during the pandemic.

The Royal Air Force also helped rescue a team of conservationists stranded on Gough Island, part of a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic and one of the world's most remote islands.

Cover image: MOD.