Victor Gate Guardian at RAF Marham

Could You Give RAF Marham's Gate Guardian A New Home?

The Cold War-era Victor aircraft faces being scrapped unless someone takes it off the base.

Victor Gate Guardian at RAF Marham

RAF Marham's gate guardian is being offered to people for free as the base cannot afford its repairs.

The Cold War-era Victor jet currently sits at the entrance of the Norfolk station but recent assessments have revealed it is "suffering from structural weaknesses".

As it stands, the aircraft faces being scrapped unless someone decides to take it on. 

"The costs associated with the repairs are well beyond the financial provision allocated to gate guardian maintenance," an RAF Marham spokesperson said.

"The difficult decision has been made to offer the Victor to anyone that may wish to remove the aircraft and take on its restoration.

"If no-one is able to take this on as a restoration project then, unfortunately, the aircraft will need to be scrapped."

Victor Gate Guardian at RAF Marham
The aircraft was a strategic bomber (Picture: RAF Marham).

If the aircraft is scrapped, then its tail will be kept and mounted on a concrete plinth "as a dedication to all the personnel that have worked on and flew in the Victor".

RAF Marham is currently planning an event so people can say their goodbyes to the aircraft. 

The Victor was a British jet-powered strategic bomber, produced by the Handley Page Aircraft Company.

Anyone interested in having the Victor aircraft should email: [email protected].

Cover image: RAF Marham.