Could You Be A Reservist? NHS Staff Take Military Challenge To Find Out

The events included military obstacle courses and more familiar medical treatment scenarios.

Employees from the National Health Service (NHS)  have been put through their paces by military teams, to see if they have what it takes to enroll as reservists.

The annual NHS Military Challenge has been taking place on Dartmoor run by 243 Field Hospital.

Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force teams kept a watchful eye as the healthcare professionals crawled their way to staged scenarios - working together to treat the wounded.

The weekend's annual event, a tri-service effort for the first time, also involved less familiar challenges - a freezing cold shower at 6am and a military obstacle course part of the procedure.

Competitors treat wounded soldiers as part of the challenge.

Life as a reservist could involve disaster relief and humanitarian support duty, Petty Officer Ryan Jennings from the Royal Navy Nursing Service said:

"The Reservists we use whenever we deploy on operations...there's a great number of deployment opportunities out there for Reservists."

One of those enticed by the challenge was NHS Staff Nurse Cara Parry, she said:

"I've been looking to join the TA [Territorial Army], I've been able to talk to people and get a few questions answered."

"Some things have been preventing me from joining because I'm a single mum - but it looks like I will be able to."

While the healthcare staff spent time in the boots of a soldier, some of the soldiers in charge have themselves been participants in the NHS Military Challenge.

Lieutenant Sam Gardiner, Nursing Officer for 243 Field Hospital, was a competitor three years ago, before taking on a new challenge.

"I was here with Southampton Hospital Working alongside all of these people gave a sense of a challenge and made me want to join... Here I am now on the other side".