Adolf Hitler car Worldwide Auctioneers/SWNS

Could Adolf Hitler's Car Be About To Sell For Millions?

The armour-plated 1939 Mercedes-Benz was used by the Nazi leader during World War Two.

Adolf Hitler car Worldwide Auctioneers/SWNS

A motor car used by Adolf Hitler during the Second World War could sell for millions of dollars when it goes up for auction next week.

The armour-plated 1939 Mercedes-Benz 770 Grosser Offener Tourenwagen was one of the most technologically advanced vehicles of its time.

When it was sold in 2004, it went for $18 million.

The four-seat convertible used for the state visit of Mussolini and 1940 victory parade in Berlin after the Nazis defeated the French.

Adolf Hitler car
Fitted with a 7.7-litre engine, allowing top speeds of more than 100mph, the former Nazi leader's car also had 30mm thick bulletproof glass. Image: Worldwide Auctioneers/SWNS.

It was last used on parade at the Old Reichstag on May 4, 1941, where Hitler celebrated the defeat of Yugoslavia and Greece.

The US Army seized the car after the war and it is one of just three of its kind in private hands.

Worldwide Auctioneers will be selling the Mercedes at its sale in Arizona, US, on January 17, and has not given it a public estimate.

Rod Egan, principal of Worldwide Auctioneers, said:

"It is very hard to determine market value on such an important and singular piece of history.

"This car, without any history, is likely a $5 million car.

Adolf Hitler car
The vehicle was last used on parade 77 years ago. Image: Worldwide Auctioneers/SWNS.

"It is safe to say that in general, significant provenance and history tend to command a multiple of the value of any given rare car.

Ten per cent of the proceeds from the sale will go to charities which are dedicated to educating people about the holocaust.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of one of the charities, said:

"Adolf Hitler would turn over in his grave if he knew that ten per cent of the sale of his car was donated."

Records show on July 15, 1943, the Mercedes was sent back to an assembly plant for maintenance.

Germany was struggling at this stage of the war, meaning there was less use for the Nazi's motor pool.

After the war had ended, the car was seized by American forces and placed under the control of US Army Military Police in France.

The Mercedes was then shipped to the US in 1946 to be bought by an American buyer.

The car then changed owners around America for the rest of the century, before being sold to a European collector in 2004.

Cover image: Worldwide Auctioneers/SWNS.