Cosford's Cold War Aircraft Get A Spring Clean While Suspended In Mid-Air

The aircraft remain suspended from the ceiling of a hangar during the clean.

RAF Museum Cosford's collection of Cold War aircraft has undergone a spring clean - a task easier said than done when they are suspended from the ceiling of a hangar.

"It gets very hot up here and it's very tricky to keep yourself stable on a rope," said Jake Wright, who is part of the team conducting the clean.

"Gravity wants you to turn yourself upside-down sometimes."

Mr Wright said it was a "unique opportunity" for him as he would often visit the hangar as a child.

He said "instead of looking up at them I'm now looking down at them" as he was suspended from the ceiling.

RAF Cosford Cleaning Vulcan Credit BFBS 130120
Cleaning a Vulcan aircraft.

The Cold War exhibition is the largest and the only place in the world where you can see all three V Bombers together under one roof.

Michelle Worthington, Communications Manager at RAF Museum Cosford, said the Vulcan gathered the most dust.

"The huge wings on the Vulcan gather a lot of dust over the 12 month period so it's great to have the team back again, making sure it looks as good as it possibly can for the year ahead."

The annual clean takes around a week to complete and requires care when moving between the aircraft.