Coronavirus: What Is Standing Joint Command's Role?


Standing Joint Command (SJC) is key to the military’s contribution to the country's COVID-19 response and is in charge of the COVID Support Force.

It is staffed by members of five different groups: the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, civil servants, and contractors. 

The staff at SJC work in four areas: current operations, future operations, plans, and policy and development.

They have military planners working on contingency planning at all times in order to be ready to help civilians when necessary.

In the past, this meant SJC intervened during other crises affecting the nation such as floods, fires, and in counter-terrorism.

Commander of the SJC, Lieutenant General Tyrone Urch, said: "Every time there’s a flood, every time there’s a fire, every single one of those military people that’s on the streets helping other government departments, that could be the police, could be the home office, could be the environment agency, all of those troops are commanded by the SJC."

Cover image: Military personnel in Scotland (Picture: MOD).