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Coronavirus: Volunteers Make Scrub Uniforms For Military Medics

So far, the team of volunteers have made 338 sets of scrubs for military personnel.

The wife of a British Army instructor at Sandhurst has brought together a team of local volunteers to make scrub uniforms for military medics.

Kelly Pollard's embroidery business has taken a hit during the coronavirus crisis but she has been keen to use her skills to help frontline workers.

The team, dubbed the 'Forces Scrub Hub', cuts, pins and sews hats, scrubs and ear protectors for military medics working on COVID-19 wards.

More than 260 people are volunteering as part of the project. 

Ms Pollard told Forces News: "We put a plea out to the community via Facebook for any bedding sheets that could be washed at 60 degrees [celsius] and they just came flooding in.

"With material donations, we had then people asking if they could sew, that they could cut, that their neighbour over the corner would like to get involved. 

"We've got different generations, from six-year-olds up to 90-year-olds, with all their different skillsets and everyone has a real purpose."

Demand for the scrubs is high after new measures mean healthcare workers are no longer able to wear regular clothes. 

The team has transformed a Sandhurst mobile phone shop, closed during the lockdown, into its own collection point.

From there, the scrubs are then taken by volunteers to Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for the military medics to use.

Marion Lammers, who is helping to sow the clothing, said: "[I am] just doing my bit to help. Everybody is in a bad situation. 

"I was at home, self-isolated on my own - what I could I do? I couldn't do anything particularly and then this opportunity came up and I just went for it.

"So, I now live, dream, sleep, scrubs!

"It's nice to know where it's going and actually hand the things over that you've produced. I feel proud of them, basically."

So far, the team has made 338 sets of scrubs, as well as 470 hats, 885 scrub bags and 188 ear savers.