An RAF C17 plane at Brize Norton in Oxfordshire (Picture: PA).

Coronavirus: Two More RAF Planes Collect Delayed PPE From Turkey

Both military aircraft have arrived back to RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, carrying vital protective equipment for the NHS.

An RAF C17 plane at Brize Norton in Oxfordshire (Picture: PA).

Two more Royal Air Force aircraft have returned to the UK from Turkey after picking up personal protective equipment (PPE) for the NHS.

A C-17 and an A400M Atlas arrived back at RAF Brize Norton on Thursday night and early on Friday morning, respectively. 

It is believed the planes were carrying mostly gowns but also masks and gloves.

Both planes departed the Oxfordshire base for Istanbul on Thursday. 

The aircraft had been kept on standby while the RAF delivered the first part of the delayed order in the early hours on Wednesday.

The Government continues to face mounting criticism over the amount of medical equipment available for frontline health workers.

The reasons for the delay have not been confirmed, with Turkey previously denying suggestions of export license complications.

Cover image: A C-17 aircraft arrives at RAF Brize Norton early Friday morning (Picture: PA).