Coronavirus: Specialist Soldiers Help Test PPE In Scotland

The soldiers are testing PPE at four hospitals in the west of Scotland, including Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Specialist soldiers have been helping frontline health staff test personal protective equipment (PPE) in Scottish hospitals.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) instructors from the British Army were drafted in to check that the kit was suitable to protect NHS staff from coronavirus.

The personnel, who usually teach infantry troops to survive and operate in hazardous conditions, also showed medical staff how to use the equipment properly.

"We've been brought in basically just to give the confidence to NHS staff that are working here that the PPE and the masks that they've been given work," said Corporal Jamie Carter from 3 Rifles.

"Just like anybody else, you'd want to be given that confidence.

"I think us doing the job that we do, and we're not within the NHS itself, [it] just gives them that little bit of extra confidence to walking out here with a smile on their face knowing that they're going to be protected."

Soldier shows NHS nurse how to ensure mask fits well CORONAVIRUS 280420 CREDIT Army in Scotland.jpg
A soldiers shows a nurse how to check if a mask fits (Picture: Army in Scotland).

The Army is testing PPE at four hospitals in the west of Scotland, including Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

"As the Defence CBRN Centre, we work alongside the NHS quite a lot," Captain David Smith said.

"We have the ambulance service at our location, so it's not unusual for us to work alongside these guys.

"[We are] more than happy to be here and actually help in the battle against coronavirus."

Around 3,000 military personnel have been deployed across the UK to assist with the COVID-19 emergency.

The NHS has come under immense pressure during the pandemic, with the military now assisting the health service in a number of different ways.