Coronavirus: Preparations Underway For RAF Base To Become Temporary Mortuary

An RAF base in Bedfordshire could be used as a temporary mortuary as the number of people to die from coronavirus in the UK continues to rise.

Central Bedfordshire Council said it expects the number of deaths in the county to increase and confirmed a building at RAF Henlow is being prepared for use. 

"While we are working hard to keep people safe, we need to be ready for this eventuality so are working with partners to prepare a building on the RAF Henlow base as a temporary resting place should it be needed,” the council said in a statement.

"In order to protect the dignity and respect of those who have lost their lives, the area will be staffed and security will be in place."

An RAF Henlow spokesperson told Forces News: “In the event of current capacity being exceeded, an agreement has been reached to use a temporary facility at RAF Henlow as a mortuary site.”

Meanwhile, the British Army's Kinnegar base in County Down, Northern Ireland, is also set to be used as a temporary mortuary.

Cover image: RAF Henlow in Bedfordshire (Picture: Google Maps Street View).

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