Cover image: Soldiers help work together to build NHS Nightingale (Picture: Number 10/Flickr).

Coronavirus: Pictures Show Military Personnel Helping To Build NHS Nightingale

Cover image: Soldiers help work together to build NHS Nightingale (Picture: Number 10/Flickr).

New pictures have been released showing military personnel helping to build the temporary hospital at London's ExCel Centre.

The images show the scale of the 4,000-bed field hospital which has been set up in response to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Personnel from 1 Royal Anglian, 256 Field Hospital and Royal Engineers have been deployed to assist staff build the huge facility, known as NHS Nightingale.

Pictures from inside the building show rows of isolation units being built, ahead of an expected surge of coronavirus cases next week.

The site is usually a venue for conferences and trade fairs.

Initially, 500 beds equipped with ventilators and oxygen will be used to treat those most in need.

London has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the UK.

Elsewhere, military personnel stand ready to assist with the building of a further two field hospitals.

The temporary hospitals will be based at the NEC Centre in Birmingham and the GMEX centre in Manchester.

Both facilities are expected to open in the middle of April and in total, will give the NHS an extra 6,000 beds.

Meawnhile, the Army has confirmed the SEC in Glasgow is also being considered as a temporary hospital location.

Cover image: Soldiers work together to build NHS Nightingale (Picture: Number 10/Flickr).

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