Coronavirus: Outdoor Training At British Forces Gibraltar To Resume As Lockdown Eases


Military personnel based in Gibraltar will be able to resume outdoor physical training activities as the British Overseas Territory prepares to ease its lockdown rules.

The Commander of British Forces Gibraltar called on military personnel to remain "aware" of the risks of the virus, despite the lifting of some measures.

In a video shared on social media, Commodore Tim Henry said: "Physical distancing rules continue to apply.

"We must continue to solely operate within our family units. This is not a chance for us now to start visiting friends, visiting people who don't live with us."

The easing of the measures will come into place on Saturday at 10am local time, following more than five weeks of lockdown.

Gibraltar's Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said the relaxing of the restrictions will be "closely controlled" and "gradual", starting with the reopening of shops and hairdressers.

Meanwhile, construction sites and shipbuilding will slowly return next week under the government of Gibraltar's 'Unlock the Rock' plan.

"[Our] approach will continue to be to prioritise public safety and security by seeking to continue to suppress the spread of the virus as much as possible," said Mr Picardo.

"This will mean that restrictions will be removed gradually, prudently and asymmetrically. 

"There is no ‘off switch’ that can be pressed that will provide a safe and secure immediate return to ‘normality’ as it was before the lockdown."

As of Friday, there have been 144 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Gibraltar and no deaths.

At just 2.6 square miles in size, Mr Picardo said the territory "can be nimble in a way that larger countries cannot be," whilst continuing to test and trace coronavirus "aggressively".

All three services of the UK Armed Forces have a presence in Gibraltar which is home to around 34,000 people. 

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