Coronavirus NHS Nightingale Hospital North West

Coronavirus: NHS Nightingale North West Opens

Coronavirus NHS Nightingale Hospital North West

NHS Nightingale Hospital North West has officially been opened in central Manchester.

It has taken less than three weeks for the Manchester Central Convention Centre to be transformed into a hospital that can provide care for thousands of patients with COVID-19 from across the region.

Military personnel were involved in the project.

Some patients have already been admitted as the hospital opens on a gradual and safe basis over the coming days and weeks. 

Modelling in the north-west shows that existing hospitals will be able to cope with the peak of the crisis if the temporary hospital is able to provide additional capacity for lower-level care.

Initially, 36 beds will be available, but the hospital could treat up to 750 patients and provide them with oxygen and general medical care to help with recovery from coronavirus.

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, said it was an "amazing achievement" to have the hospital open in the heart of Manchester in such a short space of time.

"To all those in Greater Manchester and beyond who have worked night and day to make it a reality, from construction, logistics, cleaners, fire, police and military staff to medical expertise," he said.

"You truly are the best of Britain.

"If the rules allowed, I would be at the door to shake the hand of each and every member of staff for the care you are about to give and for the work you are doing.  

"Everyone involved in this fantastic facility are history makers and you will always have our respect and admiration for the sacrifices you are making to help our country through this crisis."

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock also thanked the "brilliant team of NHS clinicians, military planners, construction workers and engineers" for getting the hospital up and running so quickly.

The Duchess of Cornwall Opens NHS Nightingale NW

The Duchess of Cornwall recorded a message, that was played out at the official opening of the hospital.

She thanked the military alongside others for their work in getting the hospital completed:

"It is difficult to comprehend the skill and astonishing speed in which this hospital has been completed and it is almost impossible to express the pride our country feels in all the people and organisation that have been involved in this past project.

"To each and every one of you, thank you."

NHS Nightingale North West is one of seven Nightingale hospitals to be set up around the country to help tackle the pandemic.

Chief executive of NHS Nightingale Hospital North West Michael McCourt said: "Building this hospital in just a couple of weeks has taken the determination and boundless energy of people from many organisations who have come together to ensure our NHS has the necessary capacity during the pandemic, in what is an unprecedented response to an unprecedented crisis. ”

Cover image: PA.

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