Coronavirus: Military Personnel Ready To Assist With Extra Field Hospitals

The two field hospitals are expected to give the NHS a further 6,000 beds.

Military personnel are ready to assist with the building of a further two field hospitals in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The hospitals will be based at the NEC Centre in Birmingham and the GMEX centre in Manchester.

Both facilities are expected to be opened in the middle of next month.

It comes as the Armed Forces are currently helping to set up a field hospital in London known as NHS Nightingale.

The hospital is expected to open next week.

For the sites in Birmingham and Manchester, personnel from 8 Engineer Brigade, the Royal Engineers, will carry out the construction at both sites, while NHS staff are to be supported by medics from 2 Medical Brigade.

The facility in Birmingham is expected to consist of 5,000 beds and will serve both England and Wales, while the GMEX will hold 1,000 beds.

The movement of patients and medical supplies to the hospitals will be carried out by the Army's 101 Logistic Brigade.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, soldiers have visited the SEC in Glasgow as a possible site for another temporary hospital. 

Armed Forces personnel are continuing to help the NHS in response to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Both regular and reservist personnel from all three services are currently helping to deliver personnel protective equipment to frontline NHS staff.

Cover image: The NEC Centre, Birmingham (Picture: PA).