Temporary hospital in Harrogate amid coronavirus crisis 210420 CREDIT JUDE MEDIA AGENCY.jpg

Coronavirus: Military To Deploy To NHS Nightingale Hospitals

Medics deployed to the temporary hospitals in Bristol and Harrogate will be supported by specialist military medical control teams.

Temporary hospital in Harrogate amid coronavirus crisis 210420 CREDIT JUDE MEDIA AGENCY.jpg

Nearly 300 military personnel are being deployed to two NHS Nightingale facilities to help combat the coronavirus crisis.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has described the deployments to the facilities in Harrogate and Bristol as "large-scale". 

This week, 75 Combat Medic Technicians will be deployed to Yorkshire as "skilled clinical support workers" - assisting NHS staff and helping with basic patient care and monitoring.

The MOD said the medics have already begun embedding at NHS Nightingale Yorkshire and The Humber which was opened on Tuesday by fundraising World War Two veteran, Captain Tom Moore.

While in Bristol, 60 medics will join the NHS and volunteer workforce providing care to COVID-19 patients.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: "Our medics are stepping forward and will continue supporting their NHS colleagues however necessary in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.”

Additionally, a further 100 personnel will be deployed to Harrogate and a further 60 to Bristol to assist with "general duties".

The MOD said the personnel will be tasked with porterage, equipment maintenance, stores management and distribution services.

large-scale military medical deployments for coronavirus
The medics have been undergoing training with the NHS ahead of the deployment (Picture: MOD).

Both sites will also be supported by specialist military medical control teams to help coordinate the effort.

Standing Joint Commander, Lieutenant General Tyrone Urch, said: "This is a great demonstration of how the military medics are working side by side in these temporary facilities with their civilian counterparts from the NHS. 

“Our servicemen and women across the Defence Medical Services have a broad range of skills and considerable experience of working in operational environments under huge pressure, and are committed to bringing that to bear in the battle against the coronavirus.”

Members of the Armed Forces have been heavily involved in the construction of NHS Nightingale facilities across the UK, including the hospitals in Harrogate and Bristol.

The medics being deployed to the two hospitals have already been undergoing training with the NHS. 

Cover Image: Empty beds at Harrogate's NHS Nightingale Hospital (Picture: Jude Media Agency).