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Coronavirus: Hundreds Of Serving Personnel Have Tested Positive For COVID-19

The Ministry of Defence has released new data which reveals how many servicemen and women have tested positive for COVID-19.

Coronavirus COVID19 test swab close-up anon 260420 CREDIT MOD

More than 400 military personnel have tested positive for coronavirus since the outbreak.

New statistics released by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) show 9,220 UK servicemen and women have been tested for COVID-19, with at least 406 testing positive.

Since the outbreak, 870 civilian defence personnel have also been tested. 

The MOD said the tests have been carried out at regional testing sites, mobile units, hospitals or by using home test kits.

According to the latest Government data, there have been a total of 301,455 cases of coronavirus in the UK.

The British Army has seen the most positive tests, with 273 personnel, while the RAF has had 70 positive cases and the Navy 63.

The majority of the positive cases among serving personnel have been in the UK at 359, with the remaining 47 cases found overseas.

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Military personnel have played a key role in the setting up and running of mobile testing units across the UK (Picture: MOD).

The Royal Navy has had 2,236 of its service personnel tested, with 1,150 in the British Army and 435 in the Royal Air Force.

A total of 5,382 service personnel in UK Strategic Command have also been tested.

The week ending 17 July, to when the MOD data goes up until, was the busiest week on record for defence personnel being tested.

According to the statistics, nearly 2,000 military personnel were tested during that period.

UK Armed Forces personnel have had a key role in the country's response to the coronavirus pandemic, including setting up and running mobile testing centres and helping construct the NHS Nightingale hospitals.

During the peak of the military's coronavirus response, 20,000 troops were at readiness, with more than 4,000 of them were deployed at any one time.

The Armed Forces have conducted more than 700,000 tests at UK sites since April, with more than 2,700 service personnel having run 218 pop-up units since the programme began.

However, the military’s operation of mobile coronavirus testing units will soon come to an end, the MOD has said.

Cover image: MOD.