HMS Albion

Coronavirus: HMS Albion Crew Members Test Positive

HMS Albion

A number of crew members of Royal Navy ship HMS Albion have tested positive for coronavirus.

All those affected are isolating on land, while the rest of the amphibious assault ship's personnel have sailed into UK waters where they will quarantine on the vessel.

Devonport-based Albion left Plymouth earlier this week and is due to deploy to the Mediterranean.

The diagnoses come days after HMS Queen Elizabeth's scheduled departure from Portsmouth was delayed, due to a number of positive coronavirus cases on board the aircraft carrier.

The Queen Elizabeth-class warship eventually set sail from Portsmouth Harbour on Wednesday.

The positive coronavirus cases on Albion were part of a routine series of tests carried out prior to her deploying from the UK, with all of the ship's company being tested.

The vessel reported no cases of the virus prior to sailing into UK waters. The exact number of cases is not known.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: "As part of HMS Albion’s preparation for sailing the crew was tested for Covid and a very small number of personnel tested positive.

"Those affected have been landed and are working with the NHS Test and Trace system to ensure the virus does not spread further.

"The remaining crew are following appropriate health guidelines and will continue to quarantine until safe to deploy."

Cover Image: HMS Albion (Picture: Royal Navy).

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