Coronavirus: Headley Court To Become Temporary Community Hospital

The facility will serve as a community-style hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A former defence medical rehabilitation centre will be turned into a community-style hospital to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Headley Court, in Surrey, will re-open and serve as a temporary community hospital to deal with the increasing number of patients that require treatment.

A cross-partner team from across the military, the NHS and Surrey County Council is working to get the facility ready.

"This represents a fantastic example of the cross-collaboration between public and private sector partners across Surrey, and the willingness of people to work together in the face of an unprecedented public health emergency," Dr Claire Fuller, Senior Responsible Officer for Surrey Heartlands said.

Headley Court will be used to provide non-critical care to patients.

The site will be used by those who step-down from acute hospitals, patients needing rehabilitation or convalescence, those receiving end of life care, as well as those who are recovering from COVID-19 and do not require critical or acute hospital care.

A peak in the number of people suffering from the virus is expected this month.

"We will get through this together, thanks to the hard work of our frontline workers and the great willingness on the part of all our staff who are doing the most remarkable job in the most challenging conditions," the leader of Surrey County Council, Tim Oliver said.

The Headley Court facility closed in 2018.

Before its closure, it was used as a rehabilitation care facility for military personnel.

The site is already configured with ward space and other clinical areas, meaning it is ideal to be converted for use as a community hospital.

Cover image: Crown Copyright.