London Bridge station during coronavirus lockdown 110520 CREDIT PA

Coronavirus: Government Unveils New Lockdown Measures For England

The latest information follows Boris Johnson's address to the nation on Sunday and includes new lockdown guidelines.

London Bridge station during coronavirus lockdown 110520 CREDIT PA

The Government has released a new, 50-page document detailing changes to England's coronavirus measures.

Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have been encouraged to use the action plan to guide their own approach.

Three phases of potential measures will be introduced gradually, with the first starting on Wednesday.

Steps two and three each include greater relaxations on the current restrictions but the Government says it will continue to closely monitor the threat of new outbreaks.

Phase two, including a phased return to schools, is not expected to happen any earlier than 1 June.  

While phase three, which seeks to open more public spaces and facilities, will not start earlier than 4 July.

The Government's step one plans include the following:


Avoid public transport where possible, try to cover your face in compact environments and continue to maintain two metres apart from others.

Increased outdoor leisure time, such as sunbathing and picnics, is allowed alongside those in your immediate household, while maintaining a two-metre distance from others.

Unlimited outdoor exercise is permitted, with no more than one person from outside your household, maintaining a two-metre distance.

The public will also be able to drive to outdoor open spaces within England, irrespective of distance, but not to different parts of the UK.


With the help of the Armed Forces, the Government has provided more than one billion pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontline health workers so far.

To build on this, the Government has said it is expanding its supplies from overseas markets and hopes to improve manufacturing capability in the UK.

There will also be efforts to improve the logistics network for PPE delivery.

Testing And Tracing

The Government has set a new target of 200,000 tests per day by the end of May, after hitting its previous target of 100,000 with the help of the military.

Widespread swab testing with rapid turn-around time was also detailed in the 'roadmap'.

Automated contact tracing through the NHS COVID-19 app will alert users when they have been in contact with someone who has been infected.

Online and phone-based tracing is set to work alongside the new app.

The UK Armed Forces have been helping to deliver personal protective equipment to the frontline since the start of the coronavirus outbreak (Picture: MOD).


For the foreseeable future, workers should continue to work from home rather than their normal physical workplace wherever possible. 

All workers who cannot work from home (food production, construction, manufacturing or logistics, for example) should travel to work if their workplace is open, avoiding public transport.

Cover image: London Bridge Station during lockdown (Picture: PA).