British Forces Gibraltar Doing 'Everything' In Coronavirus Response

Commodore Tim Henry says decisions taken to tackle COVID-19 will be "tailored" by the Gibraltar government.

The Commander, British Forces Gibraltar has told UK personnel based there "everything that can be done is being done" amid the coronavirus crisis.

Gibraltar, which has had three confirmed cases of COVID-19, is going through a "challenging time", according to Commodore Tim Henry.

On Friday, the British Overseas Territory closed all bars, restaurants and nightclubs from 8pm every evening in a bid to slow the spread of the virus.

"Don't be surprised that our actions here are not exactly the same as those in Italy or those in the United Kingdom," Cdre Henry told BFBS Gibraltar.

"Clearly, there's still lots that we don't know.

"Clearly, there's still more that will need to be done in the coming days, weeks and months.

"But what you need to think about at the moment is that everything that can be done is being done."

More than 34,000 people live in Gibraltar where all three military services have a presence despite it being just 2.6 square miles in size.

In a letter obtained by BFBS Gibraltar, Commodore Henry wrote that "all military personnel resident in Gibraltar are not permitted to travel to Spain".

Gibraltar shares a border over just one mile long with Spain which has gone into lockdown with over 9,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

In the UK, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued all but essential travel to the whole of Spain.

Cdre Henry called on British Forces Gibraltar to "come together" amid the spread of the virus. 

"If we help each other, friends, family and colleagues, if we look out for each other, if we support each other, then we will come through this as a community, as a workforce, in as best a shape as is possible," he said.