Coronavirus: Armed Forces Taking Precautions In Falkland Islands

A number of precautionary measures have been put in place by the UK Armed Forces based in the Falkland Islands amid the coronavirus pandemic.

So far, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the islands which are home to around 1,800 military personnel. 


Personnel from 16 Medical Regiment and special equipment are being sent to the Falklands to reinforce its only hospital and the number of intensive care beds are also being increased. 

Brigadier Nick Sawyer, Commander of British Forces South Atlantic Islands, told Forces News: "Six additional personnel and two intensive treatment unit capabilities will be deployed down to the Falklands in order to further increase the medical capacity." 

The extra support will serve the whole population of the Falkland Islands which also includes 3,000 civilians.

Military personnel based on the islands are also following the UK's social distancing measures.

"We have also implemented, what I call, hard social distancing for critical personnel such as pilots to further reduce their risk of catching COVID-19," Brigadier Sawyer said.

"This is to ensure that we maintain the critical defence outputs from our overseas bases."

The Government is helping other overseas territories combat the coronavirus pandemic. 

Around 175 British military personnel are assisting Gibraltar's government with the delivery of food and medicine to local residents. 

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