Construction Of Housing For Military Veterans In Nottinghamshire To Start

Building work is set to begin in August but some local residents have raised their concerns over the scheme.

Construction is set to begin on transforming a block of garages into modern apartments for ex-service personnel in Nottinghamshire.

The 'Home For Heroes' project, run by Broxtowe Borough Council, will see five flats built on a residential street in Stapleford, near Nottingham.

Plans for the accommodation shows the two story housing will have a ramp to enter the ground floor, although there will be no lift to the first floor. 

Building work is expected to start next month, however some local residents have voiced concern.

"I’m against the sound and the noise and everything that’s got to happen - but I am for, if they keep their promise, on that it will be for veterans," said resident Vanessa Kemp.

"It’s just it's quite worrying that any 'Joe Blogg' could come and move in, if the veterans weren’t in it."

Another resident, Kerry Brandreth, told Forces News: “I’m all for helping veterans…they’ve been through a lot.

“It will be overlooking my property, it’s going to block a lot of sunlight. We was told it is going to be a metre-and-a-half higher than the houses that are already here.

"We feel like it's just not going to be right."

In response to the concerns, Broxtowe Borough Council's leader, Councillor Milan Radulovic, defended the plans.

"A consultation event was run for local residents to come along, look at the proposed design and speak to Councillors, Council Officers and the architects," he said. 

The architect's impression shows what the accommodation will look like, including a ramp to enter the ground floor (Picture: Rayner Davies Architects).

"Following this event, a number of amendments were made to the scheme to take on board resident comments, before it was submitted for planning permission."

In an interview with Forces News, Councillor Radulovic also said: "We are careful about the letting of these properties, they are not simply just to be let without consideration. 

"They are part of a ‘move on’ strategy…to help people whose short term needs can be met at this accommodation but on their longer terms needs, will be met by general housing."

Veteran Rick Harrington, who founded local charity Forces in the Community, is working with the council on the project and hopes more similar projects will be set up.

"Hopefully this is a start," he said.

"This is something where local authorities, like I say, can look at what’s happening and maybe look at some of the properties they’ve got that are empty, buildings that they  can be converted into properties for - not just for veterans - but for other people." 

The accommodation could be ready as early as Easter 2021.