'Consistent' cyber threats from Russia and China guide new UK strategy

The new National Cyber Strategy will make "full use" of offensive capabilities in the domain under the National Cyber Force, a conference...

The UK is prioritising offensive cyber tactics to counter "consistent" threats from Russia and China in the domain, said James Cleverly MP, Minister for the Middle East and North Africa.

Speaking at an event held by the Royal United Services Institute, Mr Cleverly discussed a new National Cyber Strategy which will increase investment into the recently established National Cyber Force.

The force is part of a push for more UK offensive cyber tactics, "to disrupt and deter our adversaries".

Mr Cleverly said: "This year we worked with partners to detect threats, and what we saw was the most consistent of the emanated from Russia and China.

"Many organised crimes and criminal gangs launched ransomware attacks against western targets and were based in Russia.

"We know that China is an ambitious player, keen to extend influence beyond its borders. Not to mention its proven interest in commercial secrets."

In a statement, Commander of Strategic Command, General Patrick Sanders said:

"As we continue to face threats in cyberspace, it is essential that we continue to adapt, innovate, partner and succeed against evolving aggressive activity."

The new strategy will also ramp up research conducted by the GCHQ National Cyber Security Centre, while a National Laboratory for Operational Technology Security is also being created.