Donald Trump and Theresa May

By our Westminster correspondent, Laura Makin-Isherwood.

Donald Trump said it was ‘mission accomplished’ but Theresa May could have another battle this afternoon when she faces the MPs angry they weren’t asked to vote on action in Syria.

The Prime Minister set out her reasons to the public on Saturday morning saying the action was ‘absolutely in Britain’s national interest’ but there were many quick to criticise.

SNP Defence Spokesperson Stewart McDonald told me he believed Theresa May had made a mistake.

Parliament should have been recalled, he said... and it’s likely there will be many with similar views in the House of Commons later, as they pile in to see Theresa May make a statement this afternoon.

Sat directly opposite her will be Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn

Mr Corbyn has been vocal about his views that bombs will not improve the situation in Syria and released a statement on Facebook questioning the legality of the action.

The government responded quickly saying it was legal, releasing a document setting out the relevant legislation shortly afterwards.

But even if legislation stands and even though Theresa May does not, in reality, need to give MPs a vote, it does not mean everyone will agree with her decision.

And with a minority government, it’s likely to be a tense chamber this afternoon.