Royal Mail Commemorative Stamps 060918

Commemorative WW1 Stamp Collection Released

It is the final set in a five-part commemorative series by Royal Mail.

Royal Mail Commemorative Stamps 060918

Each year of the conflict has been remembered through six themes (Image: Royal Mail).

A set of stamps is being issued to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War.

Royal Mail said it will be the fifth and final set of special stamps to commemorate the anniversary.

Each year of the war has been explored though stamps covering six key themes: Poppy, Poetry, Portrait, Art, Memorials and Artefacts.

The stamps feature historic memorials and artefacts that have become synonymous with the conflict, portraits of some of the participants, art showing some now famous and moving scenes, poems composed during the war and newly-commissioned artworks of poppies.

Included is an image of 100 poppies, a poem by British Army officer Wilfred Owen, and a 1918 painting by Paul Nash, depicting a copse of shattered trees.

Royal Mail Commemorative Stamps 060918
The stamp called 'Second Lieutenant Walter Tull' (Image: Royal Mail).

Also featured is Second Lieutenant Walter Tull, the first mixed-race Army officer to command troops in a regular unit, and the goggles of RAF pilot Lieutenant Francis Hopgood.

Crash-landing behind German lines, Lieutenant Hopgood was captured and held as a prisoner of war and his goggles are fitted with custom prescription lenses in Triplex safety glass, which survived his crash-landing without breaking into pieces.

On 25 March 1918, Second Lieutenant Tull was killed in action. Having no known grave, Tull is commemorated on the Arras Memorial.

His great niece Pat Justard said:

“We are honoured that this Royal Mail stamp is commemorating our great uncle Walter Tull, who died tragically 100 years ago during the First World War.

“Walter’s life and achievements have been acknowledged and celebrated in a variety of ways for over 20 years."

Royal Mail Commemorative Stamps 060918
(Image: Royal Mail).

Philip Parker, Royal Mail, said: "The First World War series has been one of our most ambitious stamp projects.

"Every year stamps have been issued to mark centenaries of the War, and the resulting 30-stamp tapestry is a moving tribute to those who served and participated.”

The stamps will be on sale from September 13.

The latest of collection of stamps can be viewed below.

(Images: Royal Mail).